Melinda Soothes Her Endometriosis Symptoms

Melinda Soothes Her Endometriosis Symptoms

In the spirit of sharing from one woman to another, I want to tell you my Perfect Period story — which also includes my endometriosis journey. 

Not every period was bad, and not every day of my period was bad. But when it was painful, it was excruciating.

Periodically, I would get extremely bad cramps. Like bend me over in the fetal position, and I can’t do anything. My husband would be so worried and ask me, “Should I take you to the hospital?” And I would just say that there was nothing he could do to help. That’s just the way it was.

Some cycles I would have really heavy bleeding that would make me wonder if I was actually bleeding to death.

I remember going to my gynecologist to ask what I could do, and she said that it sounded kind of like endometriosis. However, it wasn’t chronic like endo, so it was initially ruled out.

This periodic heavy cramping and heavy bleeding went on for years.

When I have bad cramps, I’m out. I’m crying in my bed by myself, hoping to fall asleep. I’m not able to work or do anything. Not only were the cramps making me miserable, they were taking away days of my life.

I already knew about Perfect Period because my stepmother Linda invented it. So I tried taking it, with all kinds of different dosages and durations — but it didn’t work for me at first. We didn’t understand why it wouldn’t work, as it had worked for so many women over the years.

Ruptured Cysts Made Me Take Action

I thought the pain from heavy cramping was bad. But it was nothing compared to the pain of ruptured cysts in my ovaries.

It felt like someone had a dagger and was stabbing me over and over again. Or like a ball of nails and knives that was inside me that kept turning and stabbing me harder and harder.

It was so bad that I couldn’t move, so I called an ambulance and went to the emergency room.

After two ruptured cysts and two trips to the ER, my doctor had to do laparoscopic exploratory surgery to see what was going on inside — and she found a severe case of endometriosis.

When I asked what caused it, I was told, “We don’t know what causes it but we do know that your hormones are out of balance.” So naturally, I wanted to know how to get my hormones back into balance. Instead of helping me with the root cause of my condition, my doctor gave me the only two options they offer to subside the symptoms:

Have a hysterectomy and go into menopause Go on the Pill for the rest of your life I didn’t like my options.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I started seeking out new solutions.

Integrated Medicine Sets Me on The Right Path

I started working with a Functional Medicine doctor, and she knew how to find and weed out the culprits of hormone imbalance.

For example, she asked me, “What are the toxins that you’re exposed to? For example, do you use plastic food storage containers?”

We went through a whole checklist of areas in my home and environment that might have toxic chemicals that were throwing my hormones off balance. You can get access to the same list in my free 5-Day Hormone Detox Challenge.

Lowering Inflammation Helps Reduce Symptoms

One of the biggest reasons why hormones get out of balance is inflammation. Being in a chronic inflammatory state is also the root cause of most diseases. Chronic inflammation can come from the foods we eat, from poor sleep habits, from hard workouts and too much stress, along with environmental factors.

I had no idea that certain foods I was eating were causing inflammation in my body to be worse. So I decided to do a big experiment and take out all inflammatory foods from my diet, which included:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Alcohol
  • Red meat
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods

And I ate this way for three months. Then I tested adding in one inflammatory food at a time to see how my body reacted to each one.

I became a researcher and documented everything about my period. I tracked everything — from what I ate, how I slept, when I worked out and all the symptoms I had in each menstrual phase.

I have years of data in my tracker app of when I feel what in my cycle. I know exactly what’s going on in my body in every phase.

While I was feeling better, my periods still weren’t great. Then we did one more test and found the last culprit.

Mutated MTHFR Gene Made my Periods Worse

We discovered that my liver couldn’t detox the way it should because of a mutation in the MTHFR gene that I was born with. So I had excess estrogen floating around in my body making my periods worse. She gave me several different liver-supportive supplements — including NAC, milk thistle, glutathione, methyl-protect.

Now, my liver could clear out the excess hormones from my body. Once the liver was able to do what it's supposed to do, Perfect Period, was then able to support my hormones to regulate themselves.

I started taking Perfect Period — and it worked!

Finally, I had effortless periods. Like clockwork. No cramps, no migraines, no irritability. No sluggishness. The only time that I knew it was happening was because my period tracker would tell me that it was about to start.

I’ve been on it for the last 7 years. I might have missed a day or two when I was traveling or out of my daily routine, but I really haven’t missed it at all since I started taking it regularly.

I knew that I never wanted to go back to feeling the way that I did before.

Why I Recommend Perfect Period

The combination of reasons why hormones are out of balance are different for every woman. You don’t have to keep treating the symptoms and not getting results. You can treat the root cause of what’s going on.

I recommend starting on Perfect Period as soon as you can. It takes your body around 1-3 cycles to find its new rhythm and figure out how to start regulating itself. Perfect Period provides the supportive ingredients your body can use to regulate itself. Especially in the imperfect world we live in where you can’t always control the toxins you’re exposed to, stressful situations you may encounter, or the food you eat.

But it doesn’t stop there. We still have to make changes to our environment and habits to get an easier, problem-free period.

It takes commitment at the beginning — but it makes a huge difference in your health and life. For me, it was totally worth it, and I’d never go back.

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