When will I notice a difference?

This is a question we're often asked when women start taking Perfect Period.  And it makes sense - you want to know how fast your symptoms will go away.

Natural healing takes time, but many notice relief after just 2-3 cycles.

There are many factors that contribute to when you will experience relief.

While Perfect Period will begin to support hormonal balance as soon as you start taking it, the changes may occur over time as your body resets and regulates its natural rhythms.

Other factors such as stress, diet, and exposure to external toxins can also have a negative impact and may influence when you’ll notice changes.

Perfect Period, as any natural remedy, works with the different systems of your body to assist your body’s return to a state of natural balance so it can function at optimal levels.

Below are common indicators of progress to observe as you consistently take Perfect Period each month.

First Month: RESETTING

  • Your hormones are receiving support from the different herbs within the Perfect Period formula to help with hormonal balance naturally.
  • Your body is resetting to this new support and this may take a few weeks (or even a few cycles).
  • Depending on external factors in your lifestyle that also impact hormonal balance (such as diet, stress, exercise, exposure to toxins), the duration of this reset period could be impacted. For example, if your diet consists of inflammation-causing foods, it may take a bit longer for your body to reset with this new support of Perfect Period.  It doesn’t mean it’s not working, it just may take longer for your body to receive the full benefit of this tincture. To learn more about the impact of inflammation-causing foods on your period, click here. 
  • You can expect to notice some relief within this first month. On average, it’s not until the second month that you’ll notice the full relief.
  • Within this first month, you may notice less cramping and a boost in your mood.

Second Month: RESPONDING

  • Your body is responding to the herbal ingredients as your hormones are beginning to respond to the consistent support and find their new normal.
  • Your progesterone and estrogen start to regulate and balance in relation to one another.  Typically, this is when you begin to notice even more relief from your symptoms.  
  • Common results may include a lighter flow, less cramps, better focus, feeling calmer, and less cravings.
  • If you’re noticing only slight changes, or you’re not yet experiencing the full relief you desire, we recommend increasing to a full dropper daily (½ a dropper is recommended when first beginning). Do this for a month. That’s a beautiful benefit of our Perfect Period supplement being in tincture form - you can safely control the amount taken based on your needs.


    • Now your hormones are beginning to regulate naturally with the consistent support of Perfect Period. This is when you’ll notice even greater relief to your symptoms.  
    • Your cycle will be closer to the average 29 day cycle.
    • Your PMS will be significantly reduced, and for many their PMS is completely relieved.
    • Your hormones can now function as they should in each phase of your cycle.
    • For people with more severe period-related symptoms, it is in the third month of consistently supporting your natural hormone balance that relief is really noticed.
    • It’s not uncommon for people with severe issues to increase to 1 ½ or even 2 full droppers each day until their hormones can regulate.
    • Common results often include no cramps, a shorter cycle, and less overall body aches.
    • During this month, many report things like “I didn’t even notice my period.” and “My period snuck up on me because all my PMS symptoms were gone. It just started.”

Fourth Month (and on-going): RECLAIMING

  • As you continue with the natural support of your hormonal balance, you can expect your periods to continue to feel effortless, and you can reclaim this part of your life.  
  • Since hormonal health is an indicator of overall health, you may also start noticing improvements in other parts of your life - more creative at work, more energy for your children, and more productive overall.
  • Some ongoing benefits of consistent use of Perfect Period, in addition to regulating cycles and decreasing period discomfort, include anti-inflammatory support and immune-stimulating effects. 
  • As you reclaim this part of your life that has been robbing you of your productivity, creativity and vibrancy, you’ll be able to live your life more fully and freely.
  • It’s often during this and subsequent months that, once your body finds its new normal, you could increase or decrease the number of drops of Perfect Period you take to support your natural flow if needed. We suggest you make this adjustment by 5 drops per month for a while and “listen” to your body.  Some women have discovered that, over time, they can even reduce to just 5 drops each month to help them maintain their new normal. Others increase the number of drops if they are entering a particularly stressful time in their life.


Keep in mind, the goal is not to mask symptoms over a short term, but to address the root cause. This takes time for your body to adjust to over time. 

Consistent use over 2-3, even four months is key. Otherwise you’ll continue to experience the same symptoms month after month.

The goal is a long-term solution so ultimately you
aren’t bothered or distracted by debilitating symptoms any longer. 

Consistency is the key to success! 

In the midst of busy lifestyles, it will be important to turn this daily routine into a habit. 

TIP: Pair taking Perfect Period with an existing daily habit. 

For example, place your bottle of Perfect Period next to your toothbrush. Each morning, take Perfect Period, brush your teeth, and enjoy your day knowing you are supporting your hormones to function as they should. 

Consistency is what will help regulate your hormones more quickly.


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Melinda Cohan
Kenda, LLC