“I was just talking with my girlfriend and she was telling me about the problems she has with her period.” 

A Perfect Period customer recently shared that with me.

We hear it all the time.

Do you know women struggling with their periods?

When women get frustrated and fed up with their period issues they’ll open up to their close confidants and trusted family members, like you, to have these intimate conversations (if they even talk about it at all).

Sometimes a simple prompting question of “do you experience issues with your periods?” can help open the trusted and safe dialog for someone to share what’s going on with their menstrual cycles and periods.  It’s in these moments that you can really listen, love, and support those closest to you.

I have found that when I can practice transparency and be the first to share my period experience, it gives a kind of quiet permission for the other woman to do the same.  Women love knowing they’re not alone.  So it can often be your own period experience story that can spark the conversation.  

It’s only when one is willing to discuss their experience that anything can change

Otherwise they may continue to suffer quietly because the cultural norm is all too often “that’s just how it is.”

For those women in your life struggling with period problems, Perfect Period can be a natural alternative solution, as it has been for many women over the past several decades.

What’s the easiest way to refer Perfect Period?

First, share your own period experience to create that trusted dialog.

Then share how Perfect Period has transformed your period experience and the results you’ve experienced.

Women just want a simple solution that helps them feel better without a lot of difficulty.  

If they’re ready to give Perfect Period a try, then send them to www.perfectperiod.com.

They can buy a bottle and learn more about how this unique blend of 5 herbs can naturally support them to have better periods.

Some women you talk with may not be ready to try Perfect Period right away.

And that’s okay too.

Some may want to learn more about the company and people behind the product. Others may want to know how this product has helped other women.

We love empowering women to take ownership of their health and bodies.  So when you send someone to our website, they’ll be able to do the research they need in order to make the most informed decision for their next best step - whatever that may be.

Plus, when you send them to our website, they’ll be able to download our free gift - a guide and journal:

“28 Healthy Ways to a Perfect Period in an Imperfect World.” 

This will provide more healthy ideas for them to try and can also offer them a sense of our philosophies, history and mission.

So who do you know that struggles with their period?

Forward them this quick message I've pre-written for you (feel free to edit as you wish).  Just insert your details in the yellow highlighted sections before sending.


I know we’ve had conversations about the struggles with our periods. 

Have you seen this resource?


I’ve been using Perfect Period myself and it has {insert the results you’re experiencing with PP}.

I think you’ll love this natural, simple solution and the mission that Melinda, Linda and Ken are on. 

Check it out.

With love,


P.S. They also have a great resource on their website. It’s a guide and journal called “28 Healthy Ways to a Perfect Period in an Imperfect World.” I think you’ll appreciate the simple things you can do to improve your periods.

You can grab a free copy here: https://perfectperiod.com

We appreciate your trust to send the women you know our way.  

We’ll take extraordinary care of them.

Here’s to a happy, healthy period,

Melinda, Linda and Ken

Melinda Cohan
Kenda, LLC