How to Detox Cleanse to Support Problem-Free Periods

How to Detox Cleanse to Support Problem-Free Periods

Every time a new year rolls around, there’s a sense of a fresh start. Many people will dive into a new gym routine, try a new eating plan, or plan to kick a bad habit. 

Maybe you’ve thought about how to finally reach your goal of getting a problem-free period. 

After all, wouldn’t you love having a cycle so easy that the only way you know “Aunt Flo” is coming is because of your period app? 

It’s totally possible to have easier, problem-free periods when you support yourself with Perfect Period and make a few simple lifestyle changes. And one of the best ways to support your body is to do a detox. 

What Makes Perfect Period Detoxing Different?

When we talk about “detoxing” or “cleansing” here at Perfect Period, we look at it a little differently. It’s not necessarily about juicing or fasting, and we’re not talking about colon cleansing.

Instead, we like to think of cleansing as clearing out things in many areas of life that expose us to harmful things that negatively affect our periods.

Why Detox Cleanse for Period Health? 

You do your best to take care of yourself with healthy food, movement, drinking water, and getting good sleep. And while you’re doing the best that you can, you’re still exposed to dozens (maybe even hundreds) of chemicals that can disrupt your periods.

Even though we can try to protect ourselves from chemicals, there’s still some exposure through everyday living.

A recent study of pregnant women conducted by scientists at UC San Francisco detected 109 separate chemicals, with 42 of them “mystery” chemicals of unknown sources and uses. The most common chemicals came from plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and compounds found in carpeting, paint and upholstery. 

Each toxin is like a little “hit” to your system, disrupting the balance of your hormones that help your periods be easy and problem-free. Over time, these “hits” add up. The more toxins we accumulate, the more likely we are to experience period misery — like bloating, fatigue, mood swings, cramps and more. 

Toxins are harder to clear from your body when it becomes inflamed due to stress, lack of sleep, eating too many inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and sugar, and even exercising too much. 

The good news is there are things like doing a detox that can help minimize the number of “hits” to your system. 

How Does a Detox Cleanse Affect Your Period

When you detox, you give your body the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. A detox cleanse gives your body the opportunity to naturally flush out the things that make periods worse. Give it the support that it needs, and every system can start working better together. 

It’s like the difference between swimming downstream versus upstream. When you’re going downstream, you barely have to kick or paddle. You can just glide effortlessly.

When you swim upstream, you’re fighting the natural current the entire time. Your muscles work, you breathe hard, and your heart races.

The more you can let your body swim downstream, the less likely you are to end up in period misery!

What Can You Include in a Detox?

There are many ways you can think about detoxing and cleansing for better period health. Here are some of the ways to think about it:


You use dozens of different products in your kitchen and bathroom, including cosmetics, perfumes, air fresheners and soaps. Are you using healthy and safe versions of all of your products?

Perfect Period Tip: The first step should be to go through all of your products and cleaners. And we put together a quick start 5 Day Period Detox right here.


There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, “You are what you eat.” The food you consume breaks down and feeds your organs, turning into new cells throughout your body. What you eat either supports a healthy balance of your hormones or disrupts them, which in turn has a direct impact period symptoms.

Are you eating enough vegetables, fruits and other anti-inflammatory foods to support a healthy period? Are you eating foods that you know make your periods worse? 

Perfect Period Tip: Many women attempt an all or none approach to changing the way they eat, which often fails miserably.  Instead, what is 1 thing you can change this month? Make a commitment to that 1 change. Then next week, make another change. The key to total period transformation is a long game made up of consistent, sustainable steps over time.


Healthy movement provides so many benefits to your heart, brain, bones, muscles, along with your moods. It lowers the risk of overall diseases and can help balance your weight. 

Are you moving enough to support your body’s health? Or are you avoiding movement and sitting too much? What is one movement practice you can add to your weekly routines?

Perfect Period Tip: Walking is one of the best forms of exercises if you have period problems. That’s because it is low impact and low stress, so it won’t raise cortisol levels (the stress hormone which can make period problems worse). It requires almost no equipment, and it can be done anywhere.


We all have a million things to do each day, and there’s never enough time to get everything done. So many of us rush from thing to thing, or we try to multitask and get it all done at once. 

Is your pace keeping you in a constant state of stress? Are there ways for you to slow down and single-task so that you can feel less stressed and more joy?

Perfect Period Tip: Try a mindfulness or meditation app that has notifications and reminders to help you prioritize this important part of your detox regimen.


Nighttime rest is essential for your body. The brain flushes out toxins, and the liver does overall body cleanup in the middle of the night. But we’re more sleep deprived than ever. According to the CDC, one in three Americans are in a sleep deficit.  

Do you give yourself enough time at night to get adequate sleep? Or do you spend too many late nights watching shows or scrolling through your phone? 

Perfect Period Tip: The best way to get better sleep is to give yourself more time to sleep. That could mean getting in bed an hour or two earlier than you currently do. If that seems like too much, try rolling back your bedtime by an extra 15 minutes, starting this week.

Take The Next Step Toward a Perfect Period

Give your body the rejuvenation it needs and feel what it’s like to have a problem-less period.

We recommend downloading our Perfect Period Detox Challenge right now to help you clear out the excess toxins.

Then order your bottle of Perfect Period. This herbal tincture is the simplest way we’ve found to support your body toward a problem-free period. Just 15 drops per day will help you have a better cycle.
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