1. Do I take Perfect Period.® every day?

Yes. Because Perfect Period supports hormonal balance, it's designed to be taken daily; even during your period.

In today’s world, women are usually busy. Creating a routine is ideal in helping you remember to take Perfect Period daily. Create associations; such as taking it at the same time as other habits you’re already used to each day (like taking vitamins, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, to name a few).

2. Can I start taking Perfect Period anytime? Or is there a specific time during my cycle when I should start taking it?
Begin at any time. The herbal formula will immediately begin to work with your body in balancing your hormones - there’s no need to wait. Take it daily.
3. When should I take Perfect Period each day? Does it matter?

It doesn't matter exactly what time of day you take it - just take it about the same time each day (maybe in conjunction with another daily habit). What is necessary is that you take it each and every day.

To repeat, it is ideal to choose the time of day when you will remember to consistently take Perfect Period every day, including during your period, and to take it at the same time each day.

Many women find that taking it every morning is easiest.

It’s not important whether you take it with food or on an empty stomach; either is fine.

4. How many drops should I take each day?

On average, 70% of Perfect Period women experience benefits by taking 15 drops each day (approximately ½ pdropperful). Start with that for your first month.

If you don't notice a difference within the first month, increase the amount of drops you take daily. Instead of taking 15 drops, increase it to 20 drops a day. Do that for the next cycle. Continue to do this puntil you find the right number of drops where you experience relief.

pEffectiveness tends to increase over time, and with consistent use.

Approximately 5% of our customers find their desired results with as few as 5-10 drops daily, as mentioned on the bottle's label. We recommend you begin with 15 drops the first month. If that brings the results you pwant, then continue for a second month at that same level.

A smaller number of women, perhaps with more serious issues, may need 2 or even 3 droppersful to achieve the presults they want.

5. Why does the bottle say to stop taking it during my period?
In the earlier years of working with Perfect Period, we recommended omitting it during a woman’s period. But, we learned over time that women who take Perfect Period daily, without a break, have better results. The language on the label is simply from those earlier years
6. What if I don't notice a difference in the first month?

If you don't notice a difference within the first month, increase the amount of drops you take daily. Instead of taking 15 drops, increase it to 20 drops a day. Do that for the next cycle.

If you still see only minor changes in the second cycle, increase the number of drops to 30 drops daily (approximately 1 full dropperful).

For more severe issues, such as heavy bleeding or severe cramps, you may want to start with a full dropper each day. In extreme situations, you may find that up to 2-3 droppers each day works best for you.

7. If I take too much, will it harm me?

The specific herbs used in Perfect Period have no known negative side effects. At the same times, use only the amount it takes to met your needs. Using more is not necessary.

The answer is also “it depends.” (I know, we don’t like that answer either.) And it does depend, as there are many variables that could contribute to this answer.

You can learn more about the specific herbs found in Perfect Period here.

8. Do I need to store my bottle of Perfect Period in the refrigerator, or is it okay to keep it at room temperature?

Room temperature is fine.

Herbal tinctures do not age or lose quality at room temperature. Tinctures are traditionally made with alcohol, usually vodka, and as a result have a shelf life of many years.


1. How long will one 1 oz bottle of Perfect Period last?

On average, one 1oz bottle will last a woman 30-40 days. It will depend on the amount of drops you take daily that is right for your body, cycle, and issues.

Average use: 15 drops each day (1/2 dropper)

About 70% customers

1 oz. bottle needed every 45 days

Stronger use:

30 drops each day (1 dropper)

About 20% customers

1 oz. bottle needed every 20 days

Strongest use:

60-90 drops each day (2 – 3 droppers)

About 5% customers

1 oz. bottle needed every 7-10 days

Lightest use:

5-10 drops each day

About 5% customers

1 oz. bottle needed every 2-3 months

2. Do I get a discount if I purchase multiple bottles?

Yes, when you sign up for autoship, you will receive a 10% savings on each bottle. You will also receive a 5% savings when you purchase the 5-pack bundle and a 3% savings when you purchase the 3-pack bundle.

3. Do I get a discount when I sign up for any of the Auto Ship?

Yes, es, when you sign up for autoship, you will receive a 10% discount.


1. How does Perfect Period affect my periods?

The blend of herbs in this formula work with the body to support hormonal balance in a completely natural way, aiding your body’s ability to function normally. There are also other benefits to the specific herbs included within Perfect Period. You can learn more about each herb here.

2. Are all of the herbs in Perfect Period organic?
We create our formula using certified-organic, or wild-crafted or organically-grown plant materials. If an ingredient is not certified organic, it is cultivated without chemicals, or is ethically wild-crafted.
3. Is Perfect Period product gluten-free?
Yes. It’s gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, and soy-free.
4. Will my menstrual period return to normal while I'm taking Perfect Period?
“Normal” means different things to different women, of course, but what we can share with you is that most women report that their periods have become more regular, gentle, easy and effortless.
5. How long before I will feel a difference in my periods?

While many women report noticing a difference in their periods (and even throughout their cycle) within the first month of taking Perfect Period, some women report that it is in their second month, or even a bit longer before they realize the full benefits of Perfect Period.

"It took three months before realizing the full benefit. I ended up needing a full dropper before results came about. I may have quit taking it, thinking it was not working for me, had I not called you [Melinda] and heard you were taking quite a bit more." - Kate Steinbacher

6. Is it safe for a 12 year old (or any teenager) who has heavy periods and cramping?

Yes, it's safe for your teenage daughter. We've had other parents who have shared this with their daughter with good success. One teenager reported that after taking Perfect Period for 2 months, her cramps were reduced by 50%. They went from a 6 on a scale of 10 to a 3. One teen also shared how she used to get tired during her period, but now she has way more motivation and is less tired. For many women (teens included) they'll begin to notice a difference after their first cycle of taking Perfect Period. Some take more cycles to realize the benefit. Consistency is key so the herbal formula can work with your or your daughter's hormones naturally to help regulate and balance them. As a result, many women experience even more benefits after the second cycle and third cycles. It's important that your teenage daughter take it consistently. Several moms have shared that they've put the bottle of Perfect Period next to their daughter's toothbrush so it's coupled with a daily habit she already has. Makes remembering it easier.

7. How will I know if Perfect Period is working for me? What changes should I look for that can happen as a result of taking Perfect Period?

Typically, there will be improvements in the regularity of your periods, the consistency of flow, more gentle experiences leading up to your period, and possibly even in duration.

Each woman is different. We recommend tracking your cycle daily for the first three months of taking Perfect Period, so you can increase your own body awareness while also being mindful of the changes that are unique to your cycle, especially your periods.

Track your cycle daily; whether you use a simple piece of paper or an app is up to you. Or, click here to download our free tracking log with guidelines for what and how to track your cycle.

Make a note of what you experience physically in your body, how you feel emotionally, and the quality of your actual period (flow, regularity, number of days). What you track, you can understand. What you understand, you can more easily change.


1. Why do you only sell Perfect Period in 1 oz bottles when I see that other herbal supplement companies offer 2 oz or 4 oz bottles?

Most tincture products require significantly higher volume each time you take them, and also require taking them multiple times a day. Therefore, they sell their product in larger sizes.

For many brands brands in the industry, one (often larger) bottle, on average, will last 11 days. On the other hand, one (1 oz) bottle of Perfect Period will last, on average, 40 days (almost FOUR TIMES as long in some cases).

2. Why do other company’s products that promote similar results seem to cost less?

When you look at the suggested use of other leading brands, on average their product will last only 11 days. One 1 oz. bottle of Perfect Period will last, on average, 4x longer than their 1 oz bottle So, their price is less per bottle, but you have to purchase more bottles from them to get the same effect. Your actual cost per day will likely be significantly less using Perfect Period.

3. What is the main difference between Perfect Period and other products claiming similar results?

We are more than just an herbal formula. We educate and bring women together in a community. You can download a free copy of our “Perfect Period Detox Challenge ” guide.

As an herbal formula, Perfect Period is, at this time, the only known product in this category that works by helping a woman’s body balance its own hormones, and does so without adding hormones and/or chemicals or masking symptoms.

For over 30 years, we have been educating women on their health and wellness as it relates to their cycles; specifically, their periods.

Finally, we provide a private, online community- From One Woman To Another®. This is where women can ask questions, share stories, celebrate, and receive education-based resources.

Join our private community here!


1. Can I choose to have Perfect Period delivered to me on a regular basis?
Yes. We offer a 30-day, 45-day and 60-day autoship delivery option. You are able to manage your subscription and change or cancel at any time. Making this choice saves 10% on each bottle.
2. What shipping options are available?

Upon checkout, you can choose between:

  • Standard Shipping (approximately 4-10 business days)
  • Priority Shipping (approximately 3-5 business days)
  • 2-Day Express (where available)

The shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your shipping address.

3. Why don’t you offer free shipping?

Our shipping rates are calculated directly from the carrier; based on your package's weight and the distance to deliver it. We have maintained the lowest possible prices for our product. Rather than subsidizing the cost of the shipping within our product pricing and offering free or reduced shipping rates, we opt for a more transparent pricing system to bring the best product for the best price to our customers.

4. How do you manufacture your product?
Perfect Period is manufactured in a FDA-inspected, Underwriter's Laboratory-Certified facility that meets GMP standards and is located in the United States.
5. Do you ship to Canada?
Yes, you can get Perfect Period shipped to Canada. "Standard Shipping" to Canada is approximately 4-10 days. .


1. I see alcohol as one of the ingredients. What does this mean for younger teens or for those who are in recovery and sober?

Perfect Period is an herbal formula in a tincture form. Tinctures are herbal extracts made by soaking the plant material in alcohol - think vodka - over a period of time. The alcohol pulls out the active ingredients in the plants. The tincture is then strained to remove all the plant parts; leaving only the concentrated liquid.

Perfect Period is designed to be taken in water, juice or tea. This will help dilute the taste of the alcohol.

For those in recovery, please understand that there are ways you can still take Perfect Period without it affecting your recovery and sobriety.

Here's what Stephanie does so she can maintain her sobriety AND experience the benefits of Perfect Period as an alcoholic in recovery (she gave permission to use this):

"There are a few options for how to take Perfect Period while in recovery. The first is to add the drops to a glass of OJ to mask the flavor of the alcohol. However, this is probably not the best option to share with alcoholics . . . because what is OJ and vodka?! OJ works for me because that was never my drink of choice and does not give me any flashbacks. Depending on the person, though, it could bring back bad memories. This would be a great option for younger girls to mask the taste . . . or for their parents to feel better about them taking alcohol.

The second option is to add the drops to water and microwave it to boiling. This does not completely get rid of the taste of the alcohol but it does get rid of the burn and lessens the taste. After it boils you have to wait to let it cool before drinking it. It’s the same as cooks do when using alcohol in dishes. The actual alcohol is cooked out, but the taste still remains.

What works for me, personally, is to add my drops to a few swallows of water right before I brush my teeth (enough water so it’s pretty diluted). I drink the water and then immediately start brushing my teeth. I taste a hint of the alcohol for a split second but then the toothpaste immediately covers that taste. This is what works best for me.

It was trial and error to find what worked for me, but I figured out what would work so that I did not have to stop taking Perfect Period. The biggest thing for alcoholics is to let them know that they have options and to look for the one that won’t trigger them. For some, OJ will be fine, for some it might be tea, and some might use my method. Some could use my method but with food instead of brushing your teeth. Whatever method they try needs to be a method that will not trigger them. And for some, it may be too much of an issue, at least in the early days of recovery."

- Stephanie Burger

2. Should I stop my birth control or my hormone replacement therapy while using Perfect Period?

That's a decision that only you can make, having consulted your physician, should you choose.

What Perfect Period is designed to do is to support hormonal balance naturally. It would be virtually impossible to tell how well Perfect Period might work with birth control or hormone replacement drugs, because they serve different, possibly opposing, purposes.

It's hard to determine how well Perfect Period works with considering how powerful those drugs can be.

Of course, always consult your medical professional when or if you feel the need.

3. Will taking Perfect Period interfere with the effectiveness of my birth control or my hormone replacement?
We are not medically trained, and recommend you consult with your physician about this question.
4. Should I take Perfect Period if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
We recommend that you start taking this after you give birth and are no longer breastfeeding. In either case, please consult your doctor before using this product.
5. What types of things should I track when I’m tracking my cycles?

Tracking is a significant part of understanding your cycle; especially your periods. When you have a better understanding of your body’s patterns over a period of time, you can begin to make conscious choices to improve your experience each month. The types of things to track are your emotions and moods each day. Track your physical sensations (body aches, acne, cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, insomnia, constipation, pain during intercourse, etc). Also track your food cravings (salty, sweet, etc). Learning your body’s pattern and rhythms will help prepare your body for a much better period.

By taking Perfect Period and bringing balance to your hormones, your body will be better equipped to do what it’s designed to do: to have easy, regular periods.

6. I see that Ragweed is one of the herbs in the formula. I’m allergic to Ragweed. Will this make my allergies worse?

The Ragweed herb used in Perfect Period is harvested before it blooms.

It is the blooms that create the pollen that trigger allergic reactions. While there have been no reports of people experiencing allergic reactions when taking Perfect Period, it is always a good idea to consult your allergy doctor.

Still have questions that we haven’t answered?

Ask away: info@perfectperiod.com or 434-299-8184
We’ll be happy to chat and answer your specific questions.


My period is lighter

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know my results with Perfect Period so far. I used 10 drops a day for my last cycle and felt SO much better than I did on the pill (I’m finally sleeping!). My period was lighter than on the pill and I had less discomfort. . . .”


former Poison Center Prevention Educator 


Problem-Free [Period]

“For 30 years, beginning with my first period, I suffered severely with my period. My very first period after beginning Perfect Period this was greatly reduced. I’m basically problem-free now. This is miraculous.”


South Boston, Virginia


No more suffering

“I’m a huge fan of Perfect Period. I’ve used it for a couple of years now and it’s wonderful. It made a complete difference in my life. During my cycle the suffering was extreme, and I often missed work because of it. After taking it for two months it was rare I even needed to take anything at all for cramps. That was amazing. Perfect Period really is a miracle.”


Longwood, Florida

If you are experiencing discomfort from your cycles and periods and wish to have a happyhealthy period the natural waytry Perfect Period.® and experience its benefits.

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