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Perfect Period

Perfect Period 1 oz. Bottle - 5-Pack

Perfect Period 1 oz. Bottle - 5-Pack

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Save 5% with this 5-pack bundle and keep each bottle in convenient locations making it easy to take it consistently for optimal relief.

Perfect Period.® is a unique herbal formula to support women’s menstrual cycles; specifically periods in a natural way. 

  • Provides a natural solution for irregular periods 
  • Enhances female hormonal balance 
  • Supports healthy, problem free periods 
  • Purity-Tested, Vegan, non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free   
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My Periods are Becoming Normal

I am starting to see my period become normal. I was seeing things that were not normal; but now with Perfect Period, I’m starting to see my period become normal.

Lauren Abrami

South Portland, Maine


Problem-Free Period

For 30 years, beginning with my first period, I suffered severely with my period. With my very first period after beginning Perfect Period this was greatly reduced. I’m basically problem-free now. This is miraculous.


South Boston, Virginia


No longer missing work

One woman writes about her many ER visits: "I have always missed work each month [because of my period]. I was told by a friend about Perfect Period, and my very first cycle after beginning it, I had only minor discomfort the day before my period!"


Bedford, Virginia

  • Extracted with certified organic alcohol for potency and to capture all vital plant compounds
  • Vegan, Dairy-free, non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Phthalates-free
  • Organic and organically wildcrafted herbs sourced to maintain quality and integrity of each plant

How does Perfect Period.® work?

Perfect Period.® is an herbal formula that is to be taken daily . Begin with 15 drops daily to a small amount of water, tea or juice. It will begin to support balanced hormones naturally, which can help you have a regular period and a normal cycle.

Each bottle will last an average of 30-45 days, or more, depending on the amount used.

Each woman’s body is unique, and a tincture allows you to easily adjust the amount used until you find the perfect amount for you - bringing balance and relief to your periods. 

Featured Herbs & Ingredients

The quality of ingredients used in herbal supplements greatly impacts the effectiveness of the formula. In Perfect Period you will find only top quality ingredients.

To find out more about each herb click here.

Astounding results

After taking Perfect Period for just one cycle, I've experienced astounding results. I didn't have any cramps for this period! Usually I'm on the couch with a heating pad for one day because they're so bad. It's great to not have to deal with period issues on top of everything going on in my world right now. I'm a believer in Perfect Period.

Kara Herr

Asheville, North Carolina


Cravings under control

[Taking Perfect Period] has brought about a major positive change in my life and the ending of overwhelming cravings I haven't been able to keep under control. Now I am in charge of what I eat. I'm very excited about this product and how it can serve the feminine in a safe and natural way.


New York