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The Creation, Evolution & Expansion of Perfect Period.®

The Creation

Perfect Period.®was created by Linda Burger, a self-taught herbalist and avid researcher and advocate for women, in the mid-80’s. She has dedicated her life to helping women find relief from the discomfort and challenges they face with their monthly cycles, and specifically their periods, using herbs and other lifestyle changes.

From her very first period, at the age of 14, she suffered with serious issues. She feared she was dying, due to severe hemorrhaging. She assumed that this was what she would have to deal with from then on, and for most of her early life she lived with the problems and dealt with the situation as best she could. Fortunately, the severe hemorrhaging occurred only with that first period. However, her periods were irregular, and severe cramping accompanied every one.

While working with a spiritual mentor in the mid-80’s, Linda developed an herbal formula that had beneficial effects on her periods. It actually began with an “accidental discovery” that prompted her to do some lengthy research. She learned how and why the ingredients in this herbal formula worked together. She named this formula Perfect Period.®

She began by sharing this formula with her friends and relatives, and they all began reporting positive results.


“Hi! Just wanted to let you know my results with Perfect Period so far. I used 10 drops a day for my last cycle and felt SO much better than I did on the pill (I’m finally sleeping!). My period was lighter than on the pill and I had less pain. . . .”


former Poison Center Prevention Educator

The Evolution

It was the next decade when Linda and Ken married. They had a conversation about what Linda’s interests were, and she started talking about a tincture - her herbal formula. Ken asked her, “What’s a tincture?” and the conversation continued.

They agreed to put together a booth for a local arts and crafts festival to share Perfect Period.® with others. This received LOTS of interest, and they continued with other craft shows and health fairs. They traveled through Virginia and North Carolina, spreading the news of this herbal formula from one woman to another.

When the travel became too demanding, Ken and Linda opened a small wellness shop in their hometown of Bedford, VA. The Well offered her herbal formulas and a wide range of other tinctures. The store also offered other natural products such as whole foods, aromatherapy products and more.

Perfect Period Gallery

The Well started in a small space of 187 sq. ft., which they outgrew in less than two years. They then moved to a second, larger space where Linda ran The Well for eight years and offered wellness classes. This second location was also outgrown, and the store moved to a third, larger location in town, where, under new ownership, it still flourishes. It’s a one-of-a-kind store in central Virginia.

People still travel long miles for the quality of products, services and support The Well provides.

Interacting with women customers at the store compelled Linda to dive deeper into research for women and their menstrual problems (as well as other issues they faced). One of Linda’s core values is awareness through education. She understands that knowledge is power, and when women are well-informed about their own health, they can make wiser decisions - decisions that support their health and a more enjoyable lifestyle.

So, as she had conversations with women and as women brought her questions, her love of research and her desire to help others learn how to better help themselves led her to educate women about their periods and other aspects of their health and life.

From the mid-80’s to present day, countless women experienced a range of positive results from using Perfect Period.®


“Your Perfect Period formula seems so far to be working wonders. I believe with continued use, my “roller coaster” symptoms seem to be leveling out. . . . I believe it’s a matter of finding the right dosage for me. My boyfriend thanks you!”



The Expansion

In 2017, Linda decided it was time to get this product in the hands of all women who need it- not just locally, but to get it to women around the world. She knew that women who suffered during their periods needed to know about this herbal formula that could help them have healthy, problem-free periods naturally.

It was then that Ken and Linda brought in Ken’s older daughter, Melinda, to help them discover how to spread the word using her experience, expertise, and connections from online marketing and virtual communities.

Parallel to Linda and Ken’s journey locally with Perfect Period.®, Melinda had been building for 14 years a successful online business for coaches and entrepreneurs, 85% of which were women, and positioning herself as an industry leader in the coaching and transformational space.

She has partnered with Linda and Ken to help scale the marketing and distribution of Perfect Period.®, getting the product to women around the world and creating an online community of women around the topic of their cycles, periods and overall quality of life.

The goals of the Perfect Period.® Team are tri-fold:

  • to empower women for the best management of their health through awareness and education;

  • to bring women together in community;

  • to support women in experiencing healthy, problem-free periods through the use of this herbal formula.

If you are experiencing discomfort from your cycles and periods and wish to have a happyhealthy period the natural waytry Perfect Period.® and experience its benefits.

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“It’s only been a few days since I haven’t been taking it and I can tell a difference. My hot flashes have already been coming back.”

Kate Steinbacher

Roanoke, Virginia